Congratulations on choosing a Top Ten journalism school and the best major on campus! We know you’re curious about what courses to take, so here’s some advice.

A good first-semester schedule would include JRNL 100HY (Media History and Literacy), the first course of a foreign language (unless you can test out*) and some of the non-journalism courses you see at the following link. You might also be able to register for JRNL 170 (Elements of News Writing). **

A typical semester load is about 15 credits. If you have room in your schedule, consider signing up for JRNL 140A (an introduction to radio) or JRNL 201 (a course in covering cultures different from your own.)

You’ll find all of the requirements for all Pre-Journalism students here:

If you need to speak with an adviser, contact Professor Ray Ekness at

* You can take a competency test at the Modern and Classical Languages office, located in the Liberal Arts Building (Room 313).

**If you passed the test in Advanced Placement English, or were allowed to take WRIT 101 in your first semester, you may also take JRNL 170, Elements of News Writing in the fall.