By Adalyn Maxwell, 2022 UM Journalism and Media Summer Camp

The past two years have been a tumultuous time for everyone, with the disarray following the coronavirus shaping countless lives and priorities in Missoula.

“Everything seems different,” said Travis, a visitor at the University of Montana. 

During this time, many experienced life through an entirely new set of circumstances. They learned that even the most basic features of society, like relationships, hobbies and work, can be easily influenced by worldwide events. 

Several interviewees on the UM campus shared their personal stories of the afflictions caused by the recent pandemic.

Chad, from Missoula

“Everybody’s trying to work at home, at school. A lot more than we ever used to,” Chad said. 

He described his children and dogs as the best part of his life. His family  often struggled with balancing his kid’s extracurriculars throughout the quarantine. 

“[COVID-19] disrupted activities, for sure. It upended things to some degree,” he said.

Pauline and Angele, from France

“For me, sports relieve my stress,” Pauline said. 

Angele and Pauline are currently on internships and spending their summer in Missoula. They both said how they enjoy traveling, sports, and meeting new people— three pastimes all greatly affected by the coronavirus.

“Places were closed, and we couldn’t travel,” Angele said. “I was just, like, crying on travel videos.”

Pam Broussard, from Missoula

“I had to work every single day as a necessary staff member,” Pam said. 

 Near constant work during the pandemic threatened her ability to spend time outdoors, which is Pam’s lifeblood. 

“I love living in Montana. I love the lifestyle, I love the environment, I love the wildlife, I love the weather.”

Cori, from Washington

“There was a loss of learning, and a loss of sports skills,” Cori said.

Cori said she loves watching her children learn and excel.  She said that the quarantine infringed on her  attending sports games and supporting her kids activities.

“Now it’s kind of like starting fresh, but it’s nice.”

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